Hellen Nadimi

Hellen Nadimi

Special programs Director

RRF is a family. It’s me & you joined together with a common course to support, educate and empower.It’s a call from God and a covenant that we be brothers keepers.

Being incharge of special programs I have seen miracles happening even as the Covid 19 pandemic hits the globe hard. We have still tried to ensure our young girls from our less fortunate background access to quality education. The Covid awareness program is underway in support of Our Governments to mitigate and fight covid together.

RRF is a calling and that’s why everyday I get the motivation and inspiration to keep moving.

Our core values are everyday prayer items that we belong to the same God.
Men & Women of good heart should join hands to ensure that we offer a shoulder to be lean on by our own brothers and sisters.

We can’t afford to love our God if we don’t love our fellow human beings. There is alot to be done on Environment and climate change and it needs to be addressed as an urgent factor to help us shield the Future.

We are working hard to be the family and home for all of us today, tommorow and the future.