Pst. Rose Chemutai

Founder/ Executive Director

Sharing together our glad tidings with the less-fortunate is a deserving cause and a praiseworthy practice to both the recipients and the giver. It is worth living because it touches the heart of God in a measure that we cannot underestimate.
At River Rose Foundation we are committed to putting our focus on reaching across the demographic divides with a strong bias in children wellness, education and health.

As the founder and the visionary, I have a great anticipation of changing the community we live in for better, empowering the less fortunate in a non-political scenario so that our generation can be fairly empowered and particularly children can be afforded a decent upbringing while protected from any kind of pollution or manipulation against their rights. This is because as a responsive community we should protect their fertile hearts so that a whole generation will not be derailed.

Kindly become our partner at River Rose Foundation and by so doing we shall become a winning team in building our society and protecting our children from drug abusers, pedophiles, pornography and any other moral rot including denying them access to education. By so doing our lovely children will not become casualties of poor upbringing
In addition, River Rose Foundation has a view of empowering the less fortunate mothers so that with their available resources the later can continue supporting their families. Let’s all endeavor to excel.

Nic Wambua

Development & Liaison
``The overall trajectory of Compassion and consequently the genuine humanitarian care overrides all barriers created by cultural beliefs, religious creeds, political alignments or even geographical matrices. For it is an act that pleases God the creator of both humanity and the universe.

At River Rose Foundation, our greatest motivation is transforming lives by spreading that kindest gesture of joy, love and kindness to the deserving cases in our access and particularly to the less fortunate, children and orphans in the society.

Please receive our assurance, confidence and a steadfast commitment as we look forward to discharging our mandate

Thank you & welcome all.``

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